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Sun 22 - Fri 27 October 2017 Vancouver, Canada
Mon 23 Oct 2017 11:30 - 11:50 at Regency D - Tools and Environments Chair(s): Gustavo Soares

As part of formative and summative assessments in programming courses, students work on developing programming artifacts following a given specification. These artifacts are evaluated by the teachers. At the end of this evaluation, the students receive feedback and marks. Providing feedback on programming artifacts is time demanding and could make feedback to arrive late for it to be effective for the students’ learning. We propose to combine software testing with peer feedback which has been praised for offering a timely and effective learning activity with program testing.

In this paper we report on the development of a Web platform for peer feedback on programming artifacts through program testing. We discuss the development process of our peer-testing platform informed by teachers and students.