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Sun 22 - Fri 27 October 2017 Vancouver, Canada
Thu 26 Oct 2017 15:30 - 15:52 at Regency A - Testing Chair(s): Christian Hammer

Developing a small but useful set of inputs for tests is challenging.
We show that a domain-specific language backed by a constraint solver can help the programmer with this process.
The solver can generate a set of test inputs and guarantee
that each input is \emph{different} from other inputs in a way that is useful for testing.

This paper presents Iorek: a tool that empowers the programmer with the ability to express
to any SMT solver what it means for inputs to be different. The core of Iorek is a rich language for
constraining the set of inputs, which includes a novel bounded enumeration
mechanism that makes it easy to define and encode a flexible notion of difference over a recursive structure.
We demonstrate the flexibility of this mechanism for generating strings.

We use Iorek to test real services and find that it is effective at finding bugs.
We also build Iorek into a random testing tool and show that it increases coverage.